Libertarian Claire Ball most qualified for IL Comptroller



By Mark Wachtler

Libertarian Claire Ball is the only accountant in the race for Illinois Comptroller.

Springfield, IL (ONN) A Special Election is being held to fill the seat of Illinois Comptroller vacated by the death of Republican Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. The current Comptroller, Leslie Munger, was appointed by Governor Bruce Rauner in 2015. Leading in the polls however is Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza, a product of the scandal plagued Chicago Democratic Machine. But surprisingly, the most qualified by far is the Libertarian candidate, Claire Ball.

In all, there are four candidates seeking the office of Illinois Comptroller:

Leslie Munger (R)

Susana Mendoza (D)

Claire Ball (L)

Tim Curtin (G)

Recently, our friends at Reboot Illinois and the Better Government Association asked the four candidates a series of questions regarding their positions, experience and ideas for the Comptroller’s office. Three of the four had little or no experience related to the position. An accountant by trade, Libertarian Claire Ball was the stand-out candidate.

Based on the candidates’ answers to the BGA/Reboot Illinois questionnaire, all four candidates have distinguished educations. Mendoza and Curtin have Bachelors degrees. While Munger and Ball have Masters degrees. Ball’s degrees however set her head and shoulders above the field as her Bachelors and Masters are in Accounting and Finance.

If political experience is a factor, Susana Mendoza stands out as the only career politician in the field having spent five terms as a State Representative and two terms as Chicago City Clerk. The Green Party’s Tim Curtin takes the prize for the most independent, grassroots political experience. He’s been elected Chairman of multiple Green Party organizations and served as Trustee of the United Electrical Workers union.

For Illinois residents and voters who are sick and tired of corrupt elected officials, the question asking the candidates if they support merging the Treasurer’s office and the Comptroller’s office is a perfect example of Libertarian Claire Ball’s intelligence and legitimacy. She was the only candidate who opposes the merger of the two offices, with the other three supporting the consolidation.

Ball explained, “Sound accounting practices keep the duties of Authorization, Record-keeping, and Custody of Assets separate to minimize the risk of fraud. In Illinois, Custody of Assets are held by the Treasurer, while both Authorization and Record-keeping are held by the Comptroller. This control should not be eliminated, especially in a state infamous for sending its politicians to prison.”

The BGA/Reboot Illinois questionnaire actually uses political cronyism as the basis for another question. The non-partisan watchdogs cite as examples Leslie Munger’s ties to Governor Bruce Rauner, noting the fact that he not only appointed her to the position, but has also given the maximum political contribution allowed by law to her campaign. For Susana Mendoza’s part, the questionnaire quotes her website calling Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Chicago Alderman Ed Burke as her political mentors.

Munger and Mendoza used this question to try and explain why they are not in the pocket of the Party bosses. While Claire Ball explained, “Independence is stressed in all areas of accounting, in order to provide honest and unbiased information on the finances, but is severely lacking in our state government.”

Tim Curtin pulled no punches in his response saying, “Green Party candidates refuse all PAC monies and corporate donations. Munger’s and Mendoza’s campaigns could not exist without vast amounts of money donated by powerful individuals that expect ‘payback’ after the election.”

Aside from anti-corruption and honest accounting, another area where Libertarian Claire Ball and the Green’s Tim Curtin agree is on free and fair elections. Chicago’s not-so-independent public television station WTTW channel 11 is holding a candidates debate and has decided to only invite Munger and Mendoza, excluding both Claire Ball and Tim Curtin.

A recent announcement from the Illinois Green Party warns, “Let's be very clear about one thing: Tim Curtin and Claire Ball are viable candidates for Comptroller. Over 100,000 Illinois voters signed their names to petitions asking for those two individuals to be included on ballots this November. These are legal candidates, and WTTW has a legal obligation to provide them with the same television access as the Democratic and Republican candidates.”

In response, a protest is being organized for Tuesday, October 25th outside the WTTW studios at 5400 St. Louis Ave. (St. Louis and Balmoral) from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. The announcement concludes, “We urge you to join us in protesting the exclusion of lawful candidates from the public airwaves. Taxpayer-funded television executives have no business making arbitrary, personal decisions about which candidates will be allowed to address Illinois viewers.”

For more information on the protest at WTTW, visit the Illinois Green Party website. For more information on the Green’s Tim Curtin, visit his campaign website at Curtin4Comptroller. For more information on Libertarian Claire Ball, visit her campaign website at ClaireBallForIllinois or view her campaign video below.


One of Libertarian Claire Ball's campaign videos.


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