List of Chicago Schools with Lead, minimal Lead, no Lead



By Mark Wachtler

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and recently-resigned Commissioner of Water Management Tom Powers. Image courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times.

June 20, 2016. Chicago (ONN) When lead contamination was discovered in water pipes in Flint and Detroit late last year, communities around the country began testing their own water supply. A few months ago, the city of Chicago began doing the same. In an attempt to protect its children from lead poisoning, the Chicago Public School system has been systematically testing the drinking water in the city’s numerous public schools. Here are the results.

After testing the water coming out of sinks and drinking fountains at 79 Chicago public schools, CPS has published the results. Roughly a third of the schools had dangerously high levels of lead in the drinking water. Another one-third had low levels of lead. And a final third had no trace of lead at all.

Authorities have put each school into one of three categories: Lead Found (unacceptably high levels), Minimal Lead (lead found but below federal danger levels), No Lead (no lead found).


Lead Found (unacceptably high levels):

Beasley Elementary

Beidler Elementary

Blaine Elementary

Blair Early Childhood Center

Brentano Math and Science

Budlong Elementary

Carver Elementary

Chappell Elementary

Chase Elementary

Columbia Explorers

Disney Magnet

Durkin Park

Esmond Elementary

Fernwood Elementary

Gunsaulus Elementary

Harvard Elementary

Hibbard Elementary

Josephine Locke Elementary

LaSalle II Elementary

Nightingale Elementary

Peirce Elementary

Perez Elementary

Tanner Elementary

Tonti Elementary

Wentworth Elementary

Minimal Lead (below federal danger levels):

Armstrong Elementary

Bateman Elementary

Burroughs Elementary

Chicago Academy

Dett Elementary

Fulton Elementary

Goethe Elementary

Henry Elementary

Kilmer Elementary

Kozminski Elementary

Lenart Elementary

Lloyd Elementary

Logandale Middle School

Mayer Elementary

Melody Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Nicholson STEM Academy

Parker Community

Ray Elementary

Revere Elementary

Saucedo Elementary

Schubert Elementary

Shields Elementary

Sumner Elementary

Thomas Early

Vick Early Childhood

Von Linne Elementary

Whittier Elementary

No Lead (no traces of lead):

Beard Elementary

Burley Elementary

Burr Elementary

Camras Elementary

Canty Elementary


Coonley Elementary

Crown Community Academy

Dawes Elementary

De Diego Elementary

Ericson Elementary

Evers Elementary

Farnsworth Elementary

Fiske Elementary

Hanson Park

Harold Washington

Haugan Elementary

Heffaran Elementary

Jamieson Elementary

Jungman Elementary

Kellman Corporate

Langford Community

Mahalia Jackson Elementary

Mays Elementary

Neil Elementary

Ogden Elementary

Pritzker School

Ravenswood Elementary

Reilly Elementary

Rogers Elementary

South Shore Fine Arts

Stagg Elementary

Webster Elementary

Westcott Elementary

For more information, visit the Chicago Public Schools website at


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